Digital Display Advertising

Build your brand awareness  and image with a tailor-targeted digital banner campaign that delivers your message to your ideal audience.

What are Digital Display Ads?

Display Advertising is a hyper-targeted campaign created by digital marketers to convey a company’s message to their perfect customer. The use of creative banner ads is a way to brand your business and increase awareness as well as traffic to your website and/or landing pages. It’s the perfect way to divide the endless crowds of people into segmented groups that actually fit into your desired criteria of prospective customers.


Why is Digital Display Important?

Did you know that on average people check their phones approximately 150 times a day?
Mobile devices are huge parts of people’s daily lives – so much in fact that on average adults spend 2 hours and 51 minutes per day on their mobile devices.
Computers are also very important – on average Americans are spending 2 hours and 12 minutes per day on their computers.
Digital Display Advertising is very useful to increase brand awareness. Studies show that audience targeting advertising campaigns are significantly more effective than non-targeted ads. It’s the perfect way to reach out and find a customer that’s interested in your product/services, as opposed to setting up a billboard that costs a lot of money and may reach thousands of people, but less than 1% are your customers.

What if you could put a banner advertisement that shows up in the top 100 websites and apps, and they will only be served to customers that fall in your exact audience? What if you could pick the right location, demographic, behavior and context to find your consumer base? Well now you can.

At Polaris Digital, we pride ourselves with dedicated display strategists that are here to your brand.

Build & Design

Display banner ads are effective only when they are built and designed properly. Our team is there to expertly build your brand awareness campaign with you, design creative banner ads that capture your perfect audience, and deliver the right message.


  • Creative Graphic Design Team
  • Real-Time Campaign Launch
  • Dynamic Ad Messages


Through a variety of different methods, our team can hyper-focus your message to people that fall into a certain location, demographic, online search behavior, context of their search and websites they’ve visited. We define your perfect customer with you and Polaris has the tools to find them.


  • Contextual & Behavioral Targeting
  • Audience Segment Targeting
  • Location Targeting & Geofence


Analytics & Reporting

Now that we found the perfect customer, delivered your message to that audience in a creative and effective way – transparently, we track and report your results. We achieve this by giving you full access to your analytics report and have a team ready to go over the numbers and how this is relevant to your business’ growth. We track display advertising campaigns by Impressions, Clicks, Click-Through-Rate, and take it a step further, tracking conversions.


  • Dedicated Analytics Team
  • Tracking & Reporting
  • Synthetic Data Filtering
Deliver the message to your ideal audience.