Search Engine Marketing

Increase your customer base efficiently and rapidly with a digital marketing strategy that focuses on conversions and is implemented based on your allotted budget.

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Search Engine Marketing is a digital marketing strategy that utilizes the advertising sections of search engine results page from Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, to drive customers to strategically designed landing pages to convert into leads/purchases. SEM campaigns usually deliver leads and focus on pay-per-click ads that need to be constantly optimized and relevant to what customers are searching for.


Why is Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Important?

97% of businesses are found online in today’s digital world.
Did you know that businesses make an average of $2 for every $1 that they spend on adwords?
SEM campaigns provide instant gratification. Once your ad is approved, your campaign is live and your customers will be served your ads when they search.
SEM is also important as it increases your real estate in a search engine results page. A page that shows up organically and in the ad sections have a much higher Click-Through-Rate than just those that show up organically.
It’s also a great way to never overspend your budget. SEM campaigns run based on the budget you set daily/weekly/monthly.


At Polaris Digital, we pride ourselves with dedicated SEM analysts that are constantly optimizing and reviewing your campaign to deliver the best ROI in the industry.

Campaign Design

Most businesses start their SEM campaign with simplistic designs that do not effectively speak to their customers. Our creative design strategists have experience and historical data on the best landing page designs for your vertical, the most appealing templates for your business, and also know what important information to include in your landing page to lead to more conversions. They also assist you in the correct messages to entice your customer into clicking on your ad.


  • Landing Page Design
  • Content & Banner Design
  • Ad-Extensions & Ad-Copy

Keyword Optimization

The biggest problem with SEM campaigns is the process of “setting and forgetting” it. Business owners intelligently spend money on adwords campaigns, but don’t know the right keywords to bid on, when to bid on them, and which keywords are trending during certain time/day/season. Our analytics team constantly optimize your keywords so that your budget goes further than ever before. Their main focus is increasing your ROI, so they spend hours daily looking at trends, prices, and historical data on which keywords convert more for your business.


  • Intelligent Bidding
  • Dayparting
  • Dedicated Analytics Team


Targeting & Tracking

One of the most important parts of any SEM campaign is the area where you want to target to obtain new customers. Targeting a specific radius around your business is very effective, but our team also goes beyond that and let’s you choose a city or zipcode to be even more specific in your efforts. Now, your SEM campaign is ready – but we must also be able to track where your leads, clicks, and traffic is coming from. Our call tracking, recording, and reports allows full transparency between us and our clients. Now you are fully aware where these customers are coming from, and we are aware of how many new customers we got you from our efforts.


  • Point-Radius, Zipcode & City Targeting
  • Call Tracking & Recording
  • Reporting & Analytics
My SEM campaign will be with Polaris Digital.